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Kickers is a youth brand created in 1970 in France that produces a wide range of footwear and clothing. Kickers was bought in 2007 by the Royer group.

Kickers shoes are uncomfortable and refund is not a guaranteed, Debbie shared a review at

"The shoes that we ordered both my son and my husband said they were the most uncomfortable shoes they have ever tried on! I sent them back but I haven’t been refunded yet. I have bought another pair of kickers however which my son absolutely loves. "


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Former Employee - Soccer Coach says

"Everything in relation to management. You are not treated fairly, expected to reply to useless constant emails, never recognized for outstanding performance,"


"The management is terrible, inexperienced and honestly they have no idea how they even got to the positions they're in. They lack understanding as well as the ability to judge character. Though the work hours are flexible, the fluctuating class growth diminishes your chances at making any serious coin. There is also a true lack of commitment from the coaches as well as the management; you walk into any Lil' Kickers Chicago facility and you will find dry, shallow, and forced personalities."

'Assistant coach' (Former Employee) says

"I got a job working for this company few years ago after few weeks I was let go as I wasn't needed when there was more too it than that They promised to pay me for work i had done and never did The management has poor attitude"

Coach (Former Employee) says

"Followed not well put together schedules of drills to do with kids. Not the ideal place if you want to work with a management team that is bad at communication."

Assistant Coach (Former Employee) says

"Was trained and worked on probation for a few months. Constant competition with everyone else and the trainer was not helpful and rude, especially to new people. Was let go by email after no feedback was given. Terrible place to work don’t bother training there and putting time in it no one stays very long people are let go left and right"

Coach (Current Employee) says

"I love working when I’m at work, the kids are great and it’s a great environment. Management on the other hand have left me no choice but to leave, they reserpine to holiday requests really late, refuse sick days when ill and are just completely unempathetic towards any employees needs. If you want to be a sports coach, go with a different company"

Assistant Football Coach (Former Employee) says

"The lead coach asked me to relocate to wilmslow. I told him I couldn't as I didn't have a car and couldn't drive and he said why cant your parents pay for it. A typical day I went in took the register, ran the warm up and set up the drills. I learned how to deal with different kinds of children."

Coach (Former Employee) says

"In this job I was head coach and took a class of young children aged from 18 months to 5 years. This involved the planning of each session and delivering 2 sessions a day. I was comfortable and able to communicate with the children and adults to achieve the results and understanding. I also had to take care of my team of coaches and over see the role to ensure the practical and theory were being put into in handthe boss"

Coach (Former Employee) says

"fun and creative job , i loved working with kids and we were teaching the children how to have fun. the hardest part was have some of the parents watching your every move.time in between classesnot enough coaches"

Assistant Coach (Current Employee) says

"a typical day at work- 5 min helping set up. as assistant you will help throughout the session with setting up each drill. tidy up at the end and go home. what I have learned- you learn the basics of how to keep a younger age group engaged and the session they enjoy. management- people in charge are ok. they will ask you to cover or change your venue in advance (3-4 days). workplace- colleges are nice and easy to get along with. the worst part about the job- if you don't drive and don't live locally to the venue, paying out money for taxi and in contrast to your wage you wont earn much. the most enjoyable part of the job- meeting new people and seeing an improvement in the children you're coaching. easy job and money.sessions go quick, level 2 is partly paid for you, finishes at lunchshort hours(4 hours a day max) and only weekends, early morning start (8.15am)"

Assistant coach (Former Employee) says

"Was great, decent pay. the amount of customers decreased quickly though. There was lots of different venues,this meant more opportunity to coach around the area"

Coach (Current Employee) says

"A typical day at work consists of Getting to work at 8:30 am and setting up the nets and balls. then at 9 the first class starts. I've learned to be positive all the time and to be super energetic so it passes on to the kids. The hardest part of the job is when a child doesnt wanna play the games and we have to find a way to get them involved through challenging them to a race or see who can finish he drill faster then coach, or even just playing the game with them can keep them involved, but since I have worked there I have gotten a lot better at it. The most enjoyable part of the job is seeing the kdis faces light up when they score a goal or when you make them laugh and that's what its all about. After 12:30 the last class ends, myself and the staff then have to put the equipment away and leave around 12:45pm.Seeing the kids smile and be happyOnly on saturday mornings"

Assistant Coach (Former Employee) says

"Management is dreadful The staff you need to email to get anything done are brain dead £8 h/r which is good but if you are only given 5 hours a week its not very goodFun with childrenOften not given a lot of hours"

Assistant Coach (Former Employee) says

"I loved the working with the kids aspect, seeing the smiles on their faces made me beyond happy. it was the highlight of my week. But now I am unsure if I still work for them or not, due to no communication in many months, which was upsetting, I would’ve loved to continue with this job, but who knows maybe eventually I’ll get a another shift or at least communicated with by managers."

Camp Counselor (Former Employee) says

"Little Lickers was a fun experience. Coaching soccer is a very cool thing for me and being around little kids makes it all the more enjoyable. My job was to teach little kids but they also taught me a lot.Being around soccer all dayNot good pay"

Coach (Former Employee) says

"Met some incredibly talented people to work with. A usual day at work would be very enjoyable, could sometimes be tiring but feels very rewarding seeing my trainees smiling and very happy."

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